Assalamualaikum to everybody...Thanks four visiting my blog. This is for education purpose for Thinking Skills In Education. To see my real life you can visit my other blog (Aeron). Please leave your comment in any entry from my blog.
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I have completely finished my final exam on 07/05/08 (wednesday). The last paper is Thinking skills In Education (GGGA2143) Fo that, i have already finished my second year studying in UKM.

2 year’s studying in UKM, it gives me a lot of experience. In terms of education skills and being a person in life. It comes directily or indirectly in classes. Thanks to the lecturer to exposed me to the real life of teacher.

Sorry for being a long time to update this blog. I try my best to update this blog after this.




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For academic purpose, blog is one of a good method to make students think about what they are doing. This is not just reading from books, hearing to lecture but interms of doing or reflective learning for students.

For thats, the teacher have to do their own effort to prepared themself of this kind of technology to be applied in their teaching. It can make your students enjoyed learning.


Actually i have my own blog in malay (Aeron). For academic purpose i have to do 1 more blog to be evaluate by lecturer in English (because i’m teaching in english).

So this is the first entry. I have learn more about wordpress from Cikgu. Because I have my own blog, also using wordpress, so I have no much problems of using wordpress.

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